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The reason why we have houses and pieces of furniture made from wooden materials is because of the existence of trees. Among several other benefits, trees make for the production of woods and wooden materials (such as firewood). Now, tree cutting or felling is fundamental and, in fact, indispensable to the process of wood production. It is the first major step required for the production or harvesting of wood from trees.

Tree cutting simply refers to the cutting down of trees for economic or domestic purposes. Unlike the removal of trees for the safety of the environment, tree cutting or felling is geared towards the production of wooden materials. Large scale tree felling (for economic or industrial purposes) is usually followed by other processes such as delimbing, which entails the removal of the trees branches, and skidding, which is the transportation of the fallen tree logs with the use of a skidder.

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Why Do I Need Tree Cutting and Removal?

Tree Removal for Domestic Purposes:

Tree cutting isn’t only associated with economic or industrial purposes, people also engage in tree cutting to meet domestic demands for woods, fire woods or similar materials. People in rural communities in certain parts of the world find palm fronds (palm tree branches) useful for the production of local roof thatches, brooms, hats, baskets, fences, and etc. Similarly, palm tree trunks are used to produce boards, walking sticks, and can be used for constructing huts or local structures. For this cause, tree cutting can be just as useful for local and domestic purposes as they are for economic and industrial reasons.

Even though most national/state forest regulatory organizations give room for private tree cutting, several of them require some form of permit to do this. Hence, it is necessary that you find out what laws are obtainable where you reside. You can do this by simply contacting relevant forest district or regulatory organizations. If you stay in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, you can contact the South Carolina Forestry Commission.

Note: In most countries or states, you most definitely have a right to cut down a tree that belongs to you and which is on your property.

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Tree Cutting Procedures

Tree cutting can be a very hazardous process especially if you aren’t a professional or if you are without sufficient experience. It may be a bit safer if you are cutting down small or relatively light trees. However, it is much advisable to contact professional arborists or tree service organizations if you are dealing with a big or heavy tree. If you are dealing with a small and light tree, you still have to observe some safety precautions as listed below:

  • Ensure you are physically fit enough for the task: Tree cutting can be a very physically-demanding task. Hence, if you are weak, tired, or injured, it is safer to stay away for a better time.
  • Get other hands to assist you: It can be very risky to attempt to cut down a tree all by yourself. This is because you may require other people to see and examine the tree from other angles. Most importantly, you’d require others to actively join you in the process for an easier and safer tree-cutting experience.
  • Get sufficient tools and be experienced in using them: If you require a chainsaw, for instance, poorly using it can result into an accident. Hence, it is important to gather sufficient experience on how to use it.
  • Wear protective gears: You and every other person involved in the process stand a better chance of not getting injured if you’re wearing helmets, protective glasses, boots, and protective clothing materials.
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