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Columbia South Carolina is a beautiful place to live and explore! It is the home of the best college, the University of South Carolina. It is also home to the largest United States Army installation for basic training, Fort Jackson. Included in all the different areas to visit and take note of, is the beauty of the state of SC, more specifically, Columbia, SC. The beauty of the area is unmatchable. That is why here at Columbia SC Tree Service, we are working hard to make sure that this beautiful area stays looking the best it can by helping you maintain your property!


Trees provide a lot of great things for everyone. They provide shade from the sun on a hot day, they filter the air that we breathe, and they help to make any property look beautiful. When trees become overgrown, that is when they become a problem. Hazards are created with overgrown trees. Such as falling branches, trees leaning over houses and roadways, and limbs in the yard. That is why we offer a wide range of services, but our most popular services are tree removal Columbia Sc, stump grinding, and tree trimming. Nothing is too hard for us here! Our team is made up of trained professionals and can take care of all of your tree care needs!

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What's the Benefits of Tree Services?

Tree Removal Benefits:
Trees provide beauty and shade to your yard. When you have various types of trees in your varied landscape, it makes your neighborhood beautiful and creates visual appeal. However, when trees overgrow and become too large, they must be removed. Mostly, trees are affected by diseases, and they start to rot. It poses a lot of danger.

When you notice your trees leaning significantly, you may want to contact our arborist for tree removal. It is vital to conduct routine tree removal to make sure that your trees are stable and healthy. The removing of the bad tree will allow the remaining tree to be able to withstand storms.

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Tree removal is a very dangerous task that should only be left to trained professionals. Whenever you try to remove a tree yourself, you are running the risk of serious injury. You will need to know how to cut the tree, where to cut the tree, and which way you want the tree to fall. This can all be very confusing to a regular person. Tree care services are trained to know exactly how to take care of any tree, no matter the size or where it is located. Call us today for all of your needs for tree service Columbia, Sc!

Factors to Consider for Tree Removal:

Dangerous Leaning Trees:

Healthy and mature trees grow upright and straight from the ground. As you evaluate your tree growth in your yard, look for patterns and angles. When you notice a tree leaning significantly, this means it may fall at any moment. Therefore, you need to contact our team for tree removal Columbia Sc.

Split Trunks:

Typically, a mature tree has one solid trunk. This truck forms the base for the branches and the entire growth. When a tree is damaged or diseased, it may start to split into several trunks. Split trunks have minimal stability to support all the weight of a mature tree. It is an indication that you need a removal.

Signs of Diseases:
Diseases compromise the stability and the growth of your trees. Always check for warning disease to determine if your tree will fall over. Most trees with diseases have yellow leaves, discolored bark, or no leaves at all. With the help of a certified arborist, you can determine trees that need removal.
However, tree removal is dangerous. It has many risks involved. These are the common risks involved in tree removal:

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Power Lines:

It is risky to work near a power line. If your equipment or a tree hits a live wire, you will be electrocuted. If you are lucky to survive, you may cut off the power in your neighborhood with your falling tree. It is not advisable to remove a tree near the power line without an expert. Most power lines are not insulated.

Improper Equipment:

When going out for tree removal in your yard, always wear protective gear. It would be best if you have a protective gear from your head to toe. You need proper training in chain saw, cranes, wood chippers, and cranes. Proper equipment allows you to remove a tree and dispose it safely. For successful and safe removal, you need requisite expertise.

Decaying Wood:

A dying tree starts decaying from inside the trunk. It makes the tree extremely unstable. You might need a crane to remove such a dead tree. If you notice your tree starts to decay, contact a professional for proper removal. This is because your tree might collapse unexpectedly.


When cutting a tree, you probably have no full control over the direction of the fall. If you are not careful, your falling tree could fall on people's homes, properties, or even casualties. Poor judgment during tree removal may lead to many losses.

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Tree Removal and Insurance Benefits:

The Best Tree Care Service in Columbia!

When there are significant storms, trees may fall due to rain, lightning, or rain. Sometimes a tree may fall because of decay or disease. When this happens significant damage can occur. It is, therefore, vital to know your insurance policy. In certain circumstances, you may not incur the cost of tree removal. A fallen tree may damage properties such as homes and vehicles. Bodily damage may also occur. As such, it is essential to know your insurance policy. This will provide you with enough information on what may or not be covered in the event of an accident. Always be prepared. You msy just need our tree trimming Columbia, Sc service.

Services We Provide:

We are proud to offer our removal services but as a tree care company we offer more than that! We are proud to offer these additional services:

  1. Tree Removal
  2. Tree Trimming
  3. Tree Stump Removal
  4. Tree Pruning
  5. Tree Cutting
  6. Commercial Tree Service
  7. Residential Tree Service
  8. Land Clearing
  9. Tree Bracing & Cabling
  10. Storm Damage Clean Up
  11. Emergency Tree Removal
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Tree Trimming:

tree trimming columbia south carolina What is tree trimming? Tree Trimming is removing the unwanted branches from the trees on your property. These branches can be overhanging and oversized limbs, dead limbs, or just limbs that make the tree look bad. Since trees can add or take away from the beauty of a yard, we recommend cutting your trees with our tree cutting service at least 1-2 times a year.

If your trees are not maintained then it can cause multiple problems. Such as diseases within the tree branches. Performing tree trimming on a regular schedule can help prevent the spread of diseases from one tree to another. Tree care can also help prevent hazards from falling tree branches from above.

If you are in need of tree maintenance and care, call a professional company, such as ourselves, here at Tree Service Columbia SC.

Tree Stump Removal:

After a tree has been removed from your property you are left with a stump. Luckily, when we remove a tree, we also remove all the stump that is left behind. Tree stumps can have roots that run deep into the ground and under sidewalks, pipes, and electrical lines. That is why you should always use a professional stump removal company, such as our stump removal Columbia, Sc service.

There are two different methods of removal when it comes to removing a stump.

  1. Stump Grinding: Stump grinding is the process of grinding the tree stump from above with a machine that is made just for this. The grinder will chew the stump until it is about 6 inches below the surface of the ground. This process does not remove all the roots that are still attached. This is the fast, easy, and most common method. Stump grinding Columbia has you covered!
  2. Complete Stump Removal: This technic is the longest process and less common out of the two methods. With this method, we will dig around the stump making sure to go deep enough to pull all the deep roots out of the ground. Once this is complete, the stump will be cut into pieces and hauled away. This takes the most time and is more costly.

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